• Client: US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Location: Yuma, AZ
  • Date: 2017
  • Contract #: W912PL-16-D-0033
  • Value: $1,376,759

As a subcontractor to S&B Christ Consulting, LLC, Cerrudo Services managed and performed the construction of drainage and erosion controls for Yuma Proving Grounds, Yuma AZ.  At the Laguna Army Airfield (LAAF) Sewer Ponds we constructed a retention basin protected with rip rap on the north side, where the heavy rains will drain into the basin.  A drainage system was provided for the residential neighborhood consisting of manholes, a drop inlet, reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) and a retention basin located at the back and to the side of the medical clinic at the Howard Cantonment Lower Housing.

A 1-2 foot berm was provided, protected with rip rap around the east and south sides of the sewer lagoon at the HCA Sewer Ponds.  A  V-ditch was constructed in front of the berm for heavy rain to drain to the south west end into a culvert.

At the Walker Cantonment (WCA) Buildings 2468 and 2466 portion of the work, surveying and potholing was provided for utilities before beginning work on a v-ditch with side slopes as well as a 5-foot trapezoidal ditch around the northwest and south sides of two buildings to create a drainage system during heavy rains.  A retention basin with rip-rap protected berm was constructed in the south lot adjacent to Building 2468.