• Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: Alameda, CA
  • Date: 2014
  • Contract #: HSCG88-12-J-PQQ068 and HSCG88-13-J-PQQ190
  • Value: $1,577,329

Cerrudo Services provided re-roofing of housing units at the Coast Guard’s Marina Village housing complex.  The work was completed in two phases.  The first phase consisted of 18 housing units; the second phase of 44 housing units.

The existing asphalt shingle roofing was removed down to the roof deck.  Existing gutters and downspouts were removed.  Vinyl siding was removed where necessary to replace roof-to-wall flashing.  Damaged roof sheathing, wall insulation board, fascia board and fascia metal were removed as required.

New asphalt shingle roofing systems were installed including new soffit vent baffles between wood trusses, new eave edge vents, solar powered attic fans, and new gutters and downspouts.  Vinyl siding was replaced at roof to wall flashing and damaged roof sheathing was replaced.  Damaged wall insulation board, fascia board and fascia metal was also replace where removal of the existing flashing, gutters and roofing caused damage to the existing material.