• Client: City of Redding
  • Location: Redding, CA
  • Date: 2010
  • Contract #: 9860-11
  • Value: $4,115,685

Cerrudo Services provided mechanical piping for Power Plant Unit No. 6 in Redding, CA.  Unit No. 6 is a steam generated boiler plant.  The original contractor did not perform, and Cerrudo Services was selected to complete the project.

Cerrudo was tasked with sorting out what work had been completed and what had not, tallying the existing material inventory that was on site and determining what additional materials were needed to finish the work.  The scope of work included site grading and paving, mechanical equipment installation including complete erection, assembly and alignment of the heat recovery steam generator modules and Siemens SGT-800 gas turbine generator, fabrication and installation of all the mechanical piping and valves including fuel gas piping, and instrument installation including inline devices, local gauges, impulse tubing and transmitter and stanchion mounting.

External connections, materials and equipment for the various subsystems including platforms, ladders and foundations for the turbine/generator were provided.  The boiler feedwater pump and RO water treatment building was erected and HVAC installed.  Electrical equipment such as transformers and the Siemens control module was installed.