• Client: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Location: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Date: 2021
  • Contract #: 7581712
  • Value: $363,693.62

Cerrudo Services provided the design and construction of the roof replacement and roof ladder installation at Building 50B Penthouse Roof.  The roof consists of an upper section (1,168 SF) and two flanking lower sections (each 710 SF).  The design included a new PVC membrane roof system with roof ladder and permanent fall protection system.  The roof structure was evaluated to ensure the ability to support the new roof system and new fall protection anchorage.

The new roof system included two fully-adhered layers of 1.5” ISO board insulation over a vapor barrier, and one layer of ¼” DensDeck prime cover board.  A fully-adhered PVC single-ply membrane was installed over the cover board.  PVC single-ply base flashing was fully adhered and a clad metal gravel stop with cleat at the perimeter edge was installed.  The work included new pre-finished metal gutters, and a new fixed roof ladder on the west side of the penthouse.  A new galvanized guardrail fall protection system with ballasted rubber-footed bases was installed to complete the project.

Three crane lifts were required to transport demolished roof debris from the roof and to bring the temporary fall protection scaffolding and new roof materials onto the roof.