How to add Images

To add images to projects:

  1. Go to Posts > Add New
  2. When you are in the add post screen, you will find the set featured image link on the lower right.
  3. Click set featured image.
  4. Choose from the Media Library or upload an image. (800 X 600 is a good resolution to upload)
  5. You can add all of the images for a project all at once. Give the image a title and an alt (usually the same) in the information about the image.
  6. You can add up to 8 images by clicking Set Second Image, Set third image, etc. These will show up on each project post in the individual slideshows – the first one will show up home page.
  7. You can change the images by removing one image and replacing it with another.

To add images to slideshow on home page:

  1. Add a post
  2. Add a featured image to the post
  3. To make the featured image show up on the home page, add the tag ‘featured’ (in the box just above the add featured image box).
  4. To remove from the home page, just remove ‘featured’ tag.
  5. The post title shows up in the caption under the image in the slideshow.