• Client: US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Location: Novato, CA
  • Date: 2007
  • Contract #: W912P7-05-C-0011
  • Value: $3,133,289

Cerrudo Services designed and constructed of a portion of the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project, responsible for design of a 9 foot high, 6,600 LF Wildlife Corridor Berm with a 16 foot wide aggregate crown road, a Panne Berm, five Intertidal Berms and a Settling Basin.

Construction activities required relocation and grading of approximately 76,000 CY of contaminated soil, prior to construction of the Wildlife Corridor Berm.  The berm construction utilized fill material from on site borrow areas that was excavated and transported for placement.  Total compacted clay fill exceeded 111,000 cubic yards in the berm structure.

Cerrudo demolished four runway concrete revetments and over one thousand LF feet of taxiway.  Challenges included conducting construction activities during what turned out to be the wettest December in Marin County in the last 50 years.