• Client: Department of Homeland Security / US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Location: 268 Miles Border Fence, El Paso Sector, New Mexico and Texas
  • Date: 2011
  • Contract #: W912BV-08-D-2002-DM06
  • Value: $816,870

Cerrudo Services’ responsibilities on this task order for the maintenance of 268 miles of Primary Border Fence along and New Mexico and Texas border with Mexico were to repair damage and breeches to the fence within 24 hours from notification as well as to provide monthly routine gate maintenance. Repairs were undertaken on bollards, chain link fence and tension wire, severed posts, welds, foundations, landing mats and expanded metal and gates.  Cable and tension wire were replaced and burrowing holes on the levee were backfilled with soil and compacted.  Burrowed holes under concrete barriers were backfilled with concrete.