• Client: Department of Homeland Security / US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Location: Deming-Santa Teresa Stations, NM
  • Date: 2010
  • Contract #: W912BV-08-D-2002-DM05
  • Value: $933,699

Cerrudo Services provided fence drainage improvements along the Deming and Santa Teresa Stations, New Mexico portion of border patrol roads.  Post and rail vehicle fences required excavation and rock placement, and washes required a Normandy style vehicle barrier to be temporarily removed to accommodate excavation and rock placement under the foot print of the barriers.  Cerrudo excavated drainage areas and off hauled excavated material, prepared excavated areas and placed geotextile material for erosion prevention.  Rip rap to existing elevation was placed where required.

After layout erosion and site controls were installed, the foot print of the drainage structure was proof rolled to determine deflection caused by soft undesirable material.  Soft or unsuitable material was removed or over excavated and replaced with engineered fill, then compacted. At some wash locations the excavation was completed up to the face of the foundation of the pedestrian fence with the excavator.  Once the bottom of the excavation was prepared, geotextile was placed on the bottom and sides and pinned in place.  The rip rap was staged near the excavation and placed and dressed with a loader and excavator.