• Client: Department of Homeland Security
  • Location: California / Mexico Border
  • Date: 2012-2015
  • Contract #: HSBP1012-C-00007
  • Value: $24,188,870

Cerrudo Services, as prime contractor, won the award of this Comprehensive Tactical Infrastructure Maintenance and Repair (CTIMR) contract in 2012.  Cerrudo self-performed 80% of the work.  The catagories of work were: Fences and Gates, Roads and Bridges, Drainage and Grates, Lighting and Electrical and Vegetation Control and Debris Removal.  For each category the classifications were Routine Work and Urgent Work.  Several crews were required to accomplish the routine and urgent tasks under this contract. Cerrudo had three crews responsible for above and below grade fence, gate and grate repairs, roadway maintenance including blading, grading, drainage, structure clearing and silt removal, culvert replacement, electrical service calls, line, pole and transformer replacement and vegetation control and debris removal.

Routine and urgent work required for the maintenance and repair of the fences and gates entailed a wide range of tasks.  The amount of repair tasks for a typical 12-week work period included both above and below grade repairs and maintenance for up to 60 urgent and routine tasks.  Routine roadway work included surface blading of roadways, ditches and embankments, roadway and pothole repairs, shoulder maintenance, tree removal and ditch cleaning and shaping.  The electrical crew responded to service calls and maintenance of the electric systems.  There was an average workload of 3-4 tasks per week for the electrical crew for service calls to replace lights, service gate motors and controls, service junction boxes and transformers and to perform line replacement.

Vegetation control consisted of mowing lawns and brush, and subsequent debris removal at the same time as the maintenance and repair activities in the area.