• Client: US Department of Homeland Security
  • Location: 247 Miles of Arizona / Mexico Border
  • Date: 2014-2018
  • Contract #: HSBP1011-C-00042 and 00048
  • Value: $25,221,574 through 01/18

As a subcontractor to KBR, Cerrudo self-performed all fence and gate maintenance and repairs, road maintenance and construction, drainage and grate maintenance, debris removal and disposal, electrical and vegetation removal and disposal tasks in the Tucson Sector of the US-Mexico Border, encompassing activities along 247 miles of the remote border.  Each category of work are classified as Routine Work and Urgent Work.

Cerrudo had four crews responsible for above and below grade fence, gate and grate repairs, roadway maintenance including blading, grading, drainage, structure clearing and silt removal, culvert replacement, electrical service calls, line, pole and transformer replacement and vegetation control and debris removal.

Fence maintenance and repairs consisted of repairing breaches to the multiple fence types along the border.  Repairs to the fence involve steel and concrete work.  Concrete work includes foundation repairs and improvement modifications to install additional swing and lift gates for drainage.

Routine roadway work includes surface blading of roadways, ditches and embankments, roadway and pothole repairs, shoulder maintenance, tree removal and ditch cleaning and shaping.  Drainage maintenance includes culvert maintenance and cleaning, culvert replacement, ditch cleaning, riprap maintenance, riprap installation, silt fence repair, soils and geotextile stabilization.  Depending on the flow in the wash, riprap locations are grouted to secure the riprap.

The electrical crew responds to service calls and maintenance of the electric systems.  Vegetation and debris removal tasks included debris removal from both the North and South sides of the border fence that accumulated following monsoon storm flows.  The work has been completed following the CBP Environmental Stewardship program along with specific requirements from other Federal Agencies such as the US National Park Service.