• Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: Petaluma, CA
  • Date: 2012
  • Contract #: HSCG88-12-J-PFP002
  • Value: $1,080,424

Cerrudo Services provided the design and construction for a new direct digital control (DDC) system for all the air handling units, and heating and cooling systems in Building 543 at the Coast Guard Training Center.  The existing control system was an obsolete Honeywell 7600 DDC system and parts were no longer available for the controls.

Existing HVAC equipment in the four story building includes four air handling units (AHU), four AC condensers, six hot water circulating pumps, 110 VAV boxes with thermostats, and a hot water boiler.  Smoke detectors are located in the AHU’s supply and return air ducts.

Cerrudo demolished existing equipment including all main and local controllers, work stations and furniture, wiring, all inputs and outputs, building network wiring, all control enclosures and other components associated with the existing DDC system.  Work included patching and painting walls and ceilings to match the existing finish where demolition occurred.

Cerrudo provided a turnkey building automation system consisting of a single complete non-proprietary DDC for control of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.  The system was designed and installed so the Government can perform their own repair, replacement, upgrades and expansion of the system.